How to Apply for a Site

coastguard christmas tree sign lrgchristmas tree stand display lrgchristmas tree site with shipping containers lrgThe Process when applying for a site will differ depending on whether the site is on public or private land.Ai?? Also, each council has different rules and regulations so be sure to contact the relevant contact person in your council to discuss (see below).

Wherever your site is located pharmacy world canada reviews. you must ensure that;

  1. you have permission in writing from the land owner, and
  2. you are not be a nuisance to anyone, and
  3. you will not cause a traffic hazard

Private Land

You will need the permission of the land owner.Ai?? And whether you qualityrxpharmacy. are selling from a residential property or a commercial property all councils will react in the same way – they will let you trade on the side of the road without a permit when selling Christmas trees until such time as there is a complaint for them to follow up on.

Council Land

Please contact the relevant person at council to discuss, you will need to contact your regional street trading officer who deals with the suburb where your viagra pour femme vendu au quebec. site is located.

  • Auckland Region
  • North Shore Region
  • Manukau Region
  • Waitakere Region