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Wholesale Supply

Wholesale Christmas TreesSelling Christmas trees can be fun, rewarding, and if operated correctly then profitable as well.

Ideal for Christmas fundraising, school fundraisers, charity fundraiser, students wanting wholesale Christmas trees and so on.  Talk to us about how we can help you along with our fundraising ideas.

You may have seen our signs or our quality trees around each year, or maybe someone has recommended us to you?  Whatever your case we are happy to help.

So the first thing you need to do is secure a wholesale supply of Christmas trees. This is an important decision to make - one that can decide your success or failure.  Trying to change supplier partway through the season is very costly in lost time and in lost sales.

Our company's vision is “to lead the industry in the supply of specially grown Christmas trees through top quality trees, top quality service, and prompt delivery through logistical innovation”.

With a track record of over 10 years, Apex Pines knows what you need. You can rely on us to provide:

  • Top quality trees – without top quality trees you may lose sales to your competition, have unhappy customers, or fail to receive the sale price that you otherwise could have.
  • Top quality service - your trees need to arrive as promised, and when promised, to avoid out-of-stock situations.  Your supplier needs to work hard at giving you the service that you deserve.
  • Fragrant, fresh trees – this ensures that your trees will appeal to your customers, and look great for longer, making them easier to sell for a profitable margin.  A happy customer will refer friends and translate into future sales. You do not want a supplier who “stocks trees” until orders come in.

For a photo and more information on our trees and stands please refer to our products page.

When receiving trees from Apex Pines you can be assured that ALL of the above will be met. As we have been operating since the early 90’s, our systems are well established, and we know what your customers want.

Delivery Information

  • Minimum order size of 15 trees per delivery.
  • Delivered fresh between 7pm to 9pm each night on week days, during the day on weekends.
  • This season in 2010 we start delivering from Tuesday 30th November.
  • We will supply you with FREE signage.

These are photos of some of our happy wholesale customers selling our trees, click to view full size photo:

If you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, we look forward to talking with you about your requirements.

Maybe you already have a site that you operate each season?  If not please read on...

Once you have a site secured there are some other items you will need to think about sourcing... a shelter for shade, water supply, access to toilet facilities, buckets, secateurs, saw, sunscreen...

How to Apply For a Christmas Tree Site

The Process when applying for a site will differ depending on whether the site is on public or private land.  Also, each council has different rules and regulations so be sure to contact the relevant contact person in your council to discuss (see below).

Wherever your site is located you must ensure that;

  1. you have permission in writing from the land owner, and
  2. you are not be a nuisance to anyone, and
  3. you will not cause a traffic hazard


You will need the permission of the land owner.  And whether you are selling from a residential property or a commercial property all councils will react in the same way - they will let you trade on the side of the road without a permit when selling Christmas trees until such time as there is a complaint for them to follow up on.


Please contact the relevant person at council to discuss, you will need to contact the council for the area your site is located.

Auckland City

North Shore City

Manukau City

Waitakere City