Frequently asked questions

How long will my tree last?

Around 3 weeks if you trim the trunk with a builders saw (approximately 5mm - 10mm off the bottom) before placing in water, always keep the water topped up, plus keep out of direct sunlight.

Can we add anything to the water, like aspirin or sugar, to help the tree last longer?

No need to add anything, just water and to ensure that the water does not run out at any stage.

How do we stand our tree up?

We have purpose made stands that will keep your freshly cut Christmas tree standing fresher for longer. Our stands are easy to use, will stand your tree securely, and are built to last year after year. This is the only stand on the market that has such a large low water reservoir allowing for any low lying branches, a drip tray for water spillage, plus solid spikes that secure the butt of your tree while lifting it from the base ensuring maximum water absorption. The adjustment bolts make getting your tree vertical a stroll in the park.

However, if you intend to use a bucket then please do not put your freshly cut tree directly into a bucket of sand as the sand will restrict the amount of water that your tree needs. Instead ensure that you use a strong bucket and pack stones or half sized bricks or wooden blocks as big as your fist between the bucket wall and the trunk, then fill with water and keep the water topped up.

How much water will my tree drink?

Your fresh tree, depending on size, can drink up to 1 litre per day.

Why does my tree have one side nicer looking than the other?

One side of your Christmas tree faced the sun while it was growing so became more lush than the other side that was not, people face the other side to the wall or into the corner. Also, the other side got less sun because our trees are grown to be bushy which further restricts the amount of sun that can pass through the tree to the other side.

Do you deliver?

Yes we have a delivery service available to you.

Do you pick up?

Yes we have a removal service available to you.

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